Italian Improvers A2 Thursday -7-9pm


Italian Improver A1/A2 – Thursday 7 – 9 pm  


Course description – During the term, you will learn how to introduce yourself, your friends and your family. You will be confident in ordering an Italian cappuccino and pick your favourite pizza in the best restaurant in Naples while talking about your free time and your busy life (present tense). You will be able to understand advertisements, short texts and basic conversations. And once you learn about Italian pronunciation, you are ready to get in touch with Italians! – You will also learn how to book a room in a cosy agriturismo in Tuscany and how to give and ask for directions not to get lost in Venice. You will be able to describe your house and your city and also the places you would like to visit, write lovely postcards from the romantic Verona and tell your friends how you have spent your holiday in Sicily (past tense). You will also explore some Italian cuisine and learn about food habits, Italian festivities and Mediterranean secrets!


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