Spanish Advanced C1 – Friday 6-7pm


Summer Term 2022 (10 weeks) 20th June 2022 – 25th September 2022 (Summer holiday 8th Aug to 5th Sep)

By joining our inspiring conversation sessions you will achieve a higher level in Spanish while sharing your opinions and views about Italian cinema, books, traditions and major current affairs in Spain. When you go to Spain, you will definitely feel at home.

Advanced Spanish class learning objectives:

You will study in a small group with a native Spanish teacher focussing on:

  • oracciones comparativas y modales
  • estilo indirecto
  • formas impersonales del verbo
  • perífrasis verbales
  • voz pasiva
  • News, tv programmes, cultural aspects, art, traditions, current affairs

The use of authentic, literary texts as well as the media will reinforce and maintain your fluency in Spanish. Stress is placed on the use of sophisticated grammatical structures indispensable to the art of translation and interpretation. Cultural topics about Hispanic society, language and culture will highlight your sessions. Ideal for students who have studied for more than two years and are fluent in Spanish.


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