Spanish Intermediate B1-B2


Spanish Intermediate – Wednesday 7 – 9 pm

until 10th Dec 2021 ( Half-term 25th October – 31st October 2021) 

For students who have studied for at least 18 months.Intermediate Spanish class learning objectives:

You will study in a small group with a native Spanish teacher, how to:

  • describe your feelings, your interests
  • talk about future events, possibilities and hypothesis
  • give and ask for advice; how to express pleasure, displeasure and preferences
  • topics relating to the cultural aspects of Hispanic society, traditions, music, films
  • report something said by others (reported speech 1)
  • news in slow Spanish

The outcome of the course:

Upon completion, students will be able to communicate spontaneously and accurately with increasing complexity. They will understand the gist of complex texts about diverse topics and put forward an argument, stating the pros and cons of the different options.


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